What is componeer?

Affordable. Innovative. Beautiful.


With componeer, you can get a natural looking smile in 4 easy steps;

Consultation, Preparation, Placement, SMILE!

Componeer is a very thin pre-formed composite veneer that will transform your smile in just one visit.

Who would benefit?
  • Teachers, sales people, and anyone wanting a new smile!
  • If you have chipped, cracked, or discoloured teeth looking for a new start.
  • If you have spacing issues and are not looking to get braces to correct your misshapen teeth

Componeer are a completely new class of veneers. They are industrially manufactured from a material which ensures they will match closely to your own teeth and reproduce their shine and colour. The extremely thin veneer coatings from 0.3 mm mean there is little or no tooth preparation needed. The shiny and naturally designed surface adds a look of vitality to the restoration.

​The advantages begin with a new smile after just one visit, opening the possibility for smile makeovers before significant events such as a wedding, prom, or job interview. The minimally invasive procedure and conservation of natural tooth substance can help reduce patient stress.

Patients get a naturally aesthetic smile in just a single session, and sent off smiling – with a “smile to go”.

Are componeers right for me?

The componeer direct composite veneer system can be used for a wide variety of applications, including;

  • Treatment of caries,
  • Optimization of old fillings,
  • Excessive wear of anterior teeth or old fillings,
  • Tooth fractures,
Cosmetic indications including;
  • Lengthening front teeth,
  • Repositioning / alignment,
  • Brightening discoloured teeth,
  • Closing spaces,
Componeer has some great advantages;
  • They are strong, and will absorb stress,
  • They can be easily repaired and they will not wear away opposing teeth,
  • They are simple to place, requiring minimal or no tooth reduction,
  • They give you a smile makeover in a single visit- they really are a “smile to go”

Don't let your smile hold you back, componeer can give you the bright, confident smile you have been waiting for and they are typically less than half the cost of traditional porcelain veneers.

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