An alternative to ‘Pay as You Go’ private dental care, we are proud to be associated with the country’s largest provider, Denplan to arrange plans for our patients.

About Denplan
  • Denplan have been part of the dental industry since 1986 and use that wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to develop and tailor their plans to each practice.
  • The most popular dental payment scheme with almost 2 million patients registered in the UK.
  • Strong focus on preventive dentistry, the dental plans they arrange are designed to help keep you dentally fit with visits to your dental practice as often as is recommended.
  • An excellent way to ensure that your dental health continues to be monitored and maintained. When you have access to preventive care you may not need any restorative work.
  • Two different plans tailored to suit all budgets.

Prevention is better than cure

Good oral health isn’t just about avoiding fillings and toothache; it’s a big part in your overall general health and wellbeing. So it’s better to stop problems before they start and regular dental appointments can help reduce the need for treatment in the future. As we age our teeth and gums naturally deteriorate so the earlier you start looking after them the better.

As a Denplan patient your dentist will advise you on the best way to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and provide you with regular check-ups and cleaning. Developing a good oral care routine is essential in ensuring your teeth and gums are always kept healthy.

Private dental care doesn’t cost the earth

By choosing Denplan you can spread the cost of your regular visits to the dentist. It means you can budget for your regular oral care and ensure you have regular access to a dentist when you need it. We currently offer two Denplan plans, Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials.

Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a really easy way to spread the cost of all of your routine treatment into affordable monthly payments, reducing the chance of receiving unexpected dental bills. This plan will cover your regular check-ups and hygiene visits with your dental team, as well as any restorative treatment you may need. So if you need a filling, or root canal treatment or a crown you can rest assured that it’s covered under Denplan Care.

As with all our plans, Denplan Care also includes worldwide dental injury and dental emergency (Supplementary Insurance).

  • Costs from £13.04 per month, or 43p a day
  • Covers all dental examinations
  • Covers all fillings and extractions
  • Covers crowns, bridges, denture and inlays (except the lab fee which will be quoted before commencing treatment)
  • White fillings, inlays and crowns
  • 15% discount off cosmetic treatment
  • Supplementary insurance which is a mandatory element of your plan

Denplan Essentials – Our most straightforward package

This plan allows you to budget for the cost of your routine preventive dental care AND save money in the process. It has a flat fee of £8.50 per month, irrespective of your circumstances and you can join even if you think you’ll need treatment. That way you can save money even before your first appointment. With your Essentials plan you also receive 15% off any treatment that’s required.

  • 2 Examinations per calendar year
  • 2 Hygiene treatment (including scale and polishes) per calendar year
  • 2 x-rays as necessary per calendar year
  • 15% discount off necessary and cosmetic treatment
  • Supplementary insurance which is a mandatory element of your plan

You can sign up for Denplan Essentials right now by clicking on the button below.

Additional Benefits

All Denplan payment plans include Supplementary Insurance as part of your plan.

This is arranged for you to provide cover towards the cost of dental treatment in an emergency or following a dental injury, and can be used in the UK and abroad.

Your Supplementary Insurance cover gives you:

  • Emergency dental treatment when you are over 40 miles away from your registered Denplan dentist*
  • Up to £10,000 worth of treatment following a dental injury
  • Cover for out of hours consultations in the event of a dental injury or dental emergency
  • A hospital cash benefit if you are admitted overnight for dental treatment
  • Worldwide emergency dental treatment
  • Mouth cancer cover up to £12,000

*When you’re within 40 miles of your registered Denplan dentist you should speak to your practice regarding the emergency dental care agreements in place for you outside of normal surgery hours.

For more information on becoming a Denplan patient at Goodall Dental Practice, or to book an appointment, call the team on 01922 642621, or send an online request.